Stories including Monica Stewart '72

Instant Friends

My roommates were central to my existence at Vassar College. Initially, we weren’t official roommates, just instant friends. We became virtually inseparable, and finagled our way into being roommates sophomore year. Anita’s untimely passing still weighs on my soul. Last I knew, Monica was living in South Africa. I am a visual and performing artist in Georgia. My “show-name” is an African name that was bestowed upon me, Sala Adenike. Our natural hairstyles of the day were truly our crowning glory. And maxi length coats and skirts were actually in style!

Our names at the time were (left to right) Anita Addison, Audrey Jeter (me) and Monica Stewart. We are pictured at the entrance to our dorm, Kendrick Hall circa 1970.

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