Vassar: An Unexpected Gift

Vassar will always be an important part of my life. After losing my childhood home in a hurricane my senior year of high school, Vassar made its entrance. It became my home. During my time at Vassar I discovered myself and learned who I was as an individual: my interests, my passions, and my goals. The people that I had the opportunity to meet during my time at Vassar, including President Hill, fellow students, professors, security guards, dining hall staff, and others, truly made an impression on me and helped me grow as a person. I feel so lucky and blessed to have had the chance to meet and learn from the fine individuals that Vassar attracts. Every time I pull in through the main gate at Vassar, I feel as if I am returning home, back to the place that helped me find myself. For this reason, I will always be supportive of Vassar and will do my best to help it become a place for others to learn, grow, and find the fire that drives them in their life pursuits.

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